Improv Your Life!

Date: Sep 06 2014 - Oct 25 2014
Every Saturday
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tabor Space

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Because Life isn’t Scripted

Sept 6th – Oct 25th 2014
Tabor Space, Portland OR

A Journey to Discover a Fully Expressed Life

If you want to  expand the story of your life, one of the best choices you can make is to live life with an improvisational mind set!

Improv is more than comedy or performance art. Improv is the art of living life fully expressed. Would you like to bring that to your life? your friends? An audience?

Join us for a fun-spirited series of classes in a relaxed atmosphere that will teach you the art of expressing and listening from the heart.   In 8 sessions, you’ll learn to speak and listen in a way that transforms your life. These classes will prepare you to boldly share and transform life’s stories into living theater.

Explore the stories that are important in your life. Watch them acted out on the spot and experience how this will create deeper understanding, community spirit, and magical interactions.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Improv experience, you have everything you need to play with us just being who you are naturally! If you do have Improv experience, this will deepen your ability to create transformational experiences.

Learn to juice up your creativity with experiential exercises and interactive stretches.  Expand your abilities with playful activities that  build self-confidence and encourage spontaneity, creativity, intuition and self-expression.

Learn to say “Yes” to whatever shows up, trust yourself and others, and express your unique self. Learn to support others, making others look good and in turn experience what it is like to be fully supported by others.  Learn the power of stories and how they can transform your life.

We will explore various forms of Improvisational Theater, music and dance. You will learn the various forms of Playback Theatre, where roles are created from real-life stories. And you will celebrate together at the end with a performance for your family and friends (optional).

Class begins September 6th and will meet for 8 weeks Sat 1PM – 4PM at Tabor Space. All this and loads of fun for just a $320 investment.

Remember to take the THANK YOU “Alumni” Discount if you have been part of Improv Your Life! Playshops.

If you’d like to be part of this original adventure, register now!

Jane & Norman