The Living Organization™ Model – The Spirit

The key to success is to maximize energy contribution while minimizing the loss of energy as it flows through the system on its way to becoming valued goods and services. But the model is not complete if we think of the flow of energy as just one frequency. Like light passing through a prism the […]

The Living Organization™ Model – The Physics

The one thing we know about the universe that is uniformly agreed to by all disciplines is that everything in the universe is energy – and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  Therefore everything that happens in the world is the transformation of one form of energy into another.  We know energy can […]

The Living Organization & The Physics of Business – A Personal Perspective

In his recent post, Norman described The Living Organization model as the conceptual framework for understanding the physics of energy flows within organizations and between organizations and their environments. This model – which is in a state of ongoing evolution – is the result of years of Norman’s own experience as a business leader.   […]

The creation of The Living Organization™ model

During my 35 plus years of leading organizations and helping other CEOs lead their organizations I have been seeking to understand and then explain what is required to successfully create sustainable growth.  The Living Organization™ model is the culmination of that journey. I have chosen to name my upcoming book “The Living Organization ™: the […]