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Posted on January 14, 2008
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The preparations surrounding the launch of this Quantum Leaders’ blog within the context of our website redesign has prodded me to explore the reasons why we write, especially in the form of a blog, which can be viewed as a synthesis of the concept of a personal journal with that of a publication (“public” being the operative root), intended to be read by a variety of people, known and unknown to the author. Personal journaling has been with us for a long while – since antiquity, in fact – and it’s value as a means of introspection, analysis, and in many cases, therapeutic catharsis are well known.

I’ve recently started reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, which tasks its’ readers with committing to writing “daily pages”, – serving as a “tool of creative recovery” – which help the artist in us all to alleviate the blocks we are all faced with when sitting down in front of a blank screen, canvas, or lens. As a result, I’m currently doing two personal journals – my daily pages on a variety of personal experiences and observations; and a photography journal chronicling my explorations down the creative path of imagery.

In that spirit, you’ll find my postings here will range from random musings on topics of the day as they may relate to to the new paradigm of the organization that Quantum Leaders is pursuing, to more comprehensive discussions of particular subjects that multiple Quantum Leaders staff and partners participate in.

Do you currently blog or journal on a regular basis? If so, what benefits have you derived from the process?

Gregg Gallagher
Director, Strategic Marketing & Innovation Practice
Quantum Leaders, Inc.


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