“Sincerity is Everything…..

…and once you can fake that, you’ve got it made!” So runs the old joke, and unfortunately, I’m am seeing the embodiment of this cynical approach in some circles regarding the use…no, make that the manipulation/exploitation of social media. Am mostly seeing this attitude evidenced in the domains of traditional marketing communications and public relations […]

A Contrarian View of Influencer-based Marketing

There’s a commonly accepted view that the key to viral-based trend-setting in both B-to-B and B-to-C environments is the identification and cultivation of so-called key influencers or “hubs” in the prevailing social networks related to your targeted marketing environments. Books such as The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell and The Influentials, by Ed Keller and […]

What is “knowing”?

At a recent Quantum Leaders staff meeting, Norman broached the issue of “knowing”, that is the instances where a person appears to have an insight as to a situation, often what will happen in the future, that she cannot ascribe to particular information – e.g. she “just knows” something will happen or is the case. […]

Quantum Pulse: Have You Blogged Today?

And I don’t mean only writing a post to your own blog, but also reading and actively participating in other blogs? Obviously, if you’re reading this post, you’re already reading at least one blog (Quantum Leaders)…but are you reading this blog (and others) on a regular basis? Are you actively participating by submitting comments? If […]

Transparent Technology and The New World of Consumerism

There was an interesting posting over on FutureLab’s Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog on the impact of technology on consumerism, particularly within the youth culture. The gist of the posting was on how young people in particular are aggressively using technology to seamlessly move back and forth between the worlds of bytes and atoms as […]

The Importance of Being Earnest

The subject of authenticity appears to be a real hot topic these days – both in the political arena and in the realm of business. We appear to long for authenticity in all our major relationships and public/private interactions, and there is a growing understanding within the business community that our constituencies want us to […]

The Importance of Execution: IBM’s Innovation Man Commercial

Have you seen IBM’s “Innovation Man” commercial? I think it’s a real hoot and for those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ll try to capture it’s essence… Scene: Outside an office building, female business professional walking away from building towards an inbound middle-aged, rather paunchy guy in a superhero outfit with a large “I” […]

Recommended Reading: The Myths of Innovation

Recently finished a wonderful book on the subject of innovation by Scott Berkun, entitled “The Myths of Innovation.” Scott was a member of the Microsoft team which developed the Internet Explorer browser during the mid-to-late 90s, and his book is a blend of the history of innovation (with a strong emphasis on recent technological innovations), […]

Quantum Innovation – Some Foundational Thoughts

The term innovation is itself subject to multiple interpretations. My own use of the term is that innovation is applied creativity (a.k.a. “invention”) which provides value to a customer. Quantum Leaders views the modern company in a manner akin to that of the quantum physicist, who considers light as having the properties of both a […]

The Role of Product Management vs. Product Marketing

Art Petty, in his blog “Art Petty on Management” recently wrote on the importance of the product management function in determining overall organizational performance. I urge you to jump over there and read his excellent post, as it touches on a number of subjects that align with our own thinking here at Quantum Leaders, particularly […]

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